Saturday, February 9, 2008

Something I won't miss about Dhaka

In just over a year from now we'll be leaving Dhaka and moving back to the United States. With this in mind we've already started wondering what we'll miss most about our lives here. The final list will be sizable. However, there are some things we won't miss about living here. One is this disgusting stuff that appears on our downstairs floors with it's damp (which happens frequently, since we live in a tropical climate). I believe it to be mold, for obvious reasons, but Eric has hypothesized that it might be something leaching out of the concrete. Either way, it's gross, and we won't miss it.


Lacey said...

I looove the shirt. Good to know it fits!

Lacey said...

So I guess the shirt comments belongs on the posting below. oops!

I consulted with a few architects that I work with from India. Akash came up with this:
These are salts coming out due to moisture. Generally happens in brick but can take place in any material that has used either seawater in the mix or earth with high salt content. In high moisture weather the bricks get saturated fording the salts out.
In brick you clean it with a diluted acid solution

Hope that helps!

rahima said...

Hey emily, say about something you truely will miss about dhaka! 'cause I miss every single thing about it!! (u know why)

take care! nupur

Bloggin' Mama said...

Just thought I'd stop by and say Hello! I took in a little dose of your blog - that looks like mold BTW. EEK! Also, that's great that you're coming back stateside? Will you be going home or are you guys going to explore a new city?