Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Taking Lily to work

ICDDR,B, the organization where I work, renovated their day care facilities about a year ago. The day care is now a safe, clean, and fun place for kids to be while their parents are at work. I must admit that the ability to bring my baby to work with me makes me a much, much happier mother and employee. Why should moms (or dads!) have to choose between seeing their kids during the day and working? This is true gender policy in practice.

Lily enjoys coming to the day care and playing with her baby friends. She's there for a few hours each afternoon, long enough for me to get two visits with her. There's also a toddler room, but Odin hasn't been interested in staying. When the alternative is having the whole house to himself (with his own backyard and toys) who would blame him?

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Lacey said...

I am really enjoying all the pictures-she has so many great expressions