Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bangkok memories

I've been to Bangkok many, many times over the past 20 years. Not surprisingly, I have many Bangkok memories. Visiting Bangkok always evokes 'I remember when...' stories. Some of those stories, I'm almost proud to say, are too scandalous for this blog. None of the scandalous stories, however, are from this weekend. This trip was all about family fun and adventure.

These are the kids hanging out in the Dhaka airport before our departure. We had a 'brush with fame' at the gate. Recent Nobel Prize winner Muhammed Yunus was on our flight. I didn't have the heart to bother him with posing for a photo with my kids. Besides, I would have had to fight the crowd of others trying to shake his hand. In person, he was just as friendly and humble as his public persona suggests.

Waiting for the plane

Sibling love in the airport

It's a plane!

Bangkok, an Oriental city

So, what did we do in Bangkok? Shopping and food were on the list, as always. Even Lily enjoyed the fabulous cuisine.

Here she is making friends with the locals. Traveling with kids in Asia is so great- everyone loves kids!

We also took a trip to the dentist- Odin's first!

We visited the aquarium! This photo doesn't do this beautiful (and huge!) aquarium justice. I think we enjoyed it more than Odin...

We dined with friends at one of our favorite local restaurants, Cabbages and Condoms. The proceeds go to support an international organization that promotes condoms for family planning and sexual health. They unashamedly use condoms for decoration and the gift shop is filled with condom souvenirs. The ambiance is wonderful and the food simply delicious. Check out a recent review on the New York Times site:

Instead of breath mints, they offer leaving customers (you guessed it) condoms. I found it interesting that they offer both 'democrat' and 'republican' size. Just goes to show that US politics are a source of contention and satire around the world. Care to venture a guess at which size was bigger?....

Hanging out in the hotel room.

Our kids really are great travelers. Here's Odin, asleep on the road.

We had a great weekend, but are happy to be back in Dhaka. Home, sweet home.


Leisa said...

I love the baby pictures, especially the one of Odin at the dentist.

Lacey said...

It looks like you guys went to that great foodcourt at the big mall-I was telling Phil about it the other day. I told him abotu the Cabbages and Condoms, too. We are starting to dream about a SE Asia trip...