Sunday, July 10, 2011

All roads lead (back) to Dhaka

The Dhaka Dispatch is now officially resurrected.

Today we leave our life in Baltimore and return to Dhaka. It's been 2 years since we moved here. Emily has finished her coursework and is returning to work at ICDDR,B with kids in tow. Eric will be posted to Kabul, Afghanistan for the next year with USAID. We're not looking forward to the time apart but we're excited about the next chapter. For all of you who never made it to Dhaka the last time we lived there, you now have a second chance to visit before all the other tourists come! :)

Two years went by so quickly, didn't it? But, here's some evidence that time has really passed.

Odin and Lily, Dhaka, May 2009

Odin and Lily, Baltimore, May 2011

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Norix Di said...

Time flies before your eyes, but only with pictures you may see how much-and those are beautiful pictures!. I keep all of you in my heart, and Odin and Lily have a huge part of my heart. Love you all and will keep you in my prayers :) tons of hugs from El Salvador!