Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Go, Daddy! Go!

In November we enjoyed a fabulous beach vacation in Lombok, Indonesia. For the first time in a long time our 'holiday' actually felt like a vacation (see my post from last year's beach trip). But there was more to the trip than just sun and fun- Eric was there for a triathlon. An 1800 km swim, followed by a 25 mile bike and a 7 mile run in 95 degree heat. The Lombok triathlon is touted as one of the most beautiful and the most difficult triathlons in the world and delivers on both counts. But Eric had plenty or moral support to help get him through! Our dear friends Tara, Phil, Solene and Amelie joined us which made the trip even sweeter. Here are a few pictures from this family adventure:

Puri Mas Resort- a fabulous place to stay

Odin, getting into the holiday mood

Lombok island was formed by a volcano leaving black sand and steep mountains behind

Solene and Odin in the waves

Go, Daddy! Go!

Half way through the run

Lily and Amelie supporting Daddy and Baba

Sweet relief

Post-tri family portrait

Exploring the garden

My tired little travellers

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Kristina said...

Go big bro! I am impressed!!!
Can't believe how big the kids are!!! Love and miss you all!!!