Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day in Dhaka

Christmas is a very social holiday and therefore, difficult to recreate without close family and friends. But, we did our best. Our kids have never seen snow, Santa, or Christmas lights. They understand very little of the cultural event we call Christmas. As an example, I give you Odin wearing our Christmas stockings as 'gloves'.

They did understand that Christmas Day is the day when we open some gifts. They both enjoyed their new toys- especially the tricycle!

It's tough to share new toys, isn't it?

We did some of the usual Christmas cooking- and eating.

Lily had her first mashed potatoes and loved them.

We had fun playing all day...

And we also got some work done, thanks to Odin.

Hope you all had a great holiday. We were thinking of and missing family and friends around the world.


Lori said...

So glad we got to webcam! I love the pictures. Merry Christmas!

Lacey said...

What sweet faces! I am gald I got to see them the other day-
Miss you, miss you!

Kathleen said...

Emily and EricA - I love seeing your sweet family's daily life. Sweet - sound like Lindsey don't I :)

Thank you for making time to share it with those of us who are far away. Having spent some festive holidays with you both I know you make fun wherever you are. Keep the pictures coming. Mos Craciun and La Multi Ani to you all!

va am pupat - kathleen

Kristina said...

I love the pictures, so glad to see everyone! The kids are growing sooo fast! Love and kisses to everyone!
love Aunt K