Friday, September 14, 2007

The Westin

Today is Friday, the beginning of our weekend. Eric and I 'escaped' from Dhaka and parenthood for lunch at the new Westin hotel this afternoon. They began construction on the Westin about 10 years ago and it finally opened for business in July. With it's egg-shaped Mork from Ork chairs, it doesn't look like any other place in Dhaka. They have a coffee/sandwich shop downstairs in the lobby where we feasted on sandwiches made with yummy croissants, brown bread baguettes, fresh feta cheese, and cilantro pesto, to name just a few ingredients. This may not sound exciting to you, but for expats living in Dhaka it's big news. This is a picture of the lobby and my handsome, sweet, intelligent, long-legged, reluctant-subject husband enjoying his egg-shaped chair.


jlindsey said... boyfriend's legs! Kisses to you both!

Lacey said...

I bet they'll have the Marine Ball there now, huh? Looks...interesting!